Sauciety FAQ

What is the Buffalo Sauciety? The Buffalo Sauciety (pronounced saw-sigh-ah-tee) is our all-new loyalty club that makes members feel like VIPs with rewards and unique experiences.

What are the member benefits? Earn points with every qualified purchase, which can be turned into rewards Earn 1 point per $1 spent (Excludes alcohol, gift cards, catering and retail) Redeem 100 points for a $10 Reward It’s more than just a points program—members also get in-store perks, promotions, exclusive experiences, and more. Earn a free starter for joining Get access to other exclusive offers (birthday, anniversary) Be the first to learn about new menu items Earn extra points for referring friends

How do guests sign up for the Buffalo Sauciety? There are two methods to choose from: Preferred method is by downloading the “Buffalo Wings & Rings” app (App store or Google Play) Via online web form at (also linked via the BWR main website)